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A Shoppers List Of Trendy Activity Toys That You Might Want To Consider

It doesn’t have to be holiday to get a cool set of play gifts for your kids. Try to browse online and you’ll see amazing selection of cute and adorable toy items that will absolutely make your little one happy. This post will uncover the latest trends of kids toys this coming 2018.

Step2 Party Kitchen

Kitchen play sets at https://www.step2direct.com.au have always been included in this list of most popular baby activity toys for many years, including this 2017. This cute toy can be a perfect gift either for your little knight or little princess. Ideally, step2 party kitchen sets have realistic sounds and features in order to guarantee an engaging play experience among kids.

Mindware Square Up

This 2017, arouse the problem-solving of your kids with one of the latest toys- Mindware Square Up. If your kid loves to solve problems, then this toy is a perfect choice.

Minion Figures


Minions are among the favourites of many kids not only in Australia but also in other parts of the world.  Buy a cute minion figure that produces amazing sounds upon moving its head. Kids would surely have fun with Minion toys.

Pokémon Z-Ring Interactive Sets


Your kids are surely fascinated with the recent game craze, too. Hence, it is a good thing to be on the lookout of the latest Pokémon items in the market for your kid. It has engaging features that are really fun for your kid. Try to give them these latest toys and you’ll sure make their day.

Selfie Mic Music


If you want your kid to develop his or her musical skills, then the Selfie Mic Music set is the best option that you’ve got. The best part here is that there are new songs being added in a day to day basis. With this type of toys for toddlers, your kids are becoming a star in their cute ways. It would be better to shop from a trusted online toy story and look for a selfie-stick along with a microphone.



Scooters are also one of the best play sets for your kids this 2017. Perfect for your little ones, the cute wheels provide a smooth ride that will give so much fun even for parents. Plus, another great thing is that scooters tend to last long enough that may even pass it to your next child. Pull along wagon is also a great addition to scooters.

Mini Ferry


Who says mini ferry for kids are outdated? In fact, this type of toys is one of the best-selling activity play kits in Australia. When buying a Mini Ferry toy for your toddlers, it is advisable to choose an eco-friendly item that has been manufactured from one hundred percent recycled materials. Apart from that, both kids and kids at heart have a retro vibe with these toys.

Don’t be left behind with the latest trends of baby activity toys this 2017. Stay in the loop and give the best play set items like playhouse for kids available at Step2 Direct that your kids will surely enjoy. When shopping for the latest toys listed above, buy the best items from reliable outdoor toys Australia.


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