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Buying Guide for The Iconic Mercedes Benz G-Class

For decades, Mercedes Benz G is dominating as an international workhorse. It is ostentatious and aggressively grandiose.

What is it like to drive a G-class?

When the G63 AMG with 563-hp is goaded, it explodes with noise and violence. The drivers can feel the terror behind the steering wheel but with tires wrapped around the marvelously forged wheels help a lot in controlling the G63. This rectangular shaped body sits on farm truck chassis, since its launch in 1970s.

Underpinnings of Mercedes G class are ideal for off-road ride and only vehicle empowered with 3 locking differentials. Braking power with huge AMG discs & calipers is on same level with gravitational pull of black hole. The G Benz is not a sporty utility vehicle but has a heavy swag with rock-hard mud tires unfeasible to stop.

New in 2016 Mercedes Benz G-class

  • From G550 the 5.5-liter V8 got replaced with bi-turbo 4.0-liter V8
  • The AMG G63 sticks to bi-turbo 5.5 liters but gets bump in its horsepower from 536 to 563 hp
  • The G65 model re-emerged with 6.0 liters bi-turbo V12 power

Powertrain breakdown

  • G550 sprints 60 mph in 5.8 sec with 416 hp and 450 lb/ft torque
  • AMG G63 races 60 mph in 5.3 sec with 147 hp and 111 lb/ft torque
  • G65 with 621 hp and 738 lb/ft torque romps the colossal SUV with speed of 60 mph in just 5.2 sec

All three G-class convey their power to all 4-wheels through 7-speed automatic transmission, 2-speed transfer case equipped with lockable central differentials & 2-axles having their personal lockable differential.

Trim level breakdown

G-wagon is equipped with electro-hydraulic re-circulating power steering. It includes solid coil axles in the front and rear.

  • Brakes on G550 include 12.4” discs in front clamped with 2-piston sliding calipers. A 10.7” disc in rear squeezes a single piston sliding calipers.
  • Brakes on AMG models [G63 and G65] include 14.9” discs in front clamped with 6-piston sliding calipers. A 13” disc in rear squeezes a single piston sliding calipers.

Which Mercedes G-wagon should you buy?

The cost of –

  • G550: $119,800
  • AMG G63:$139,800
  • AMG G65: $217,800

For people living in the United States, G550 version is the only logical option for off-road driving. With base model G550, you will still have turbocharged V8, which can blow your sunglasses, if your right foot pushes heavily.  If you pick AMG models then you will need to switch the AMG wheels with knobby tires. Why pay more, when you can get the near-to-same experience with G550. The SUV’s iconic look is sufficiently bold to outshine AMG winglets.

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