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Make shopping fun for your little boy

Your little prince may not be interested in picking out his own clothes, but he throws tantrums if you try to force him into something you buy. Take a new route – involve him in shopping for his clothes!

You love everything about your little boy – and you should! He is adorable, precocious and so intelligent for his age. It is a proud moment for you every time he ticks off yet another milestone from the list, and his sweet temper and manners fill your heart with joy.

But the only time he clashes with you is when you try to force him to do something he doesn’t want to. Take, for instance, the simple act of dressing him up for a party. You buy him a stylish suit, shine his little shoes till he can see his reflection in them, and also get a little bow tie. But what happens? He takes one look at it and refuses to wear the suit despite cajoling and threats.

It’s puzzling, but easily explained – he is not invested enough in the clothes to want to wear them. So the next time you want your little prince to wear something without complaint, get him to shop with you. Easier said than done? Not when you have a shopping app at hand.

For starters…

Chances are your child knows his way around a smartphone. Pretend like you don’t know how to download a shopping app, and get him to do it. While the app is downloading, tell him casually that you want to check out the app for online shopping for kids, and that you are thinking of buying him some new clothes. Now that you have his attention, suggest if he wants to look at the app with you. He will be intrigued and say yes.

Now let him pick out suitable clothes…

Once the kids’ online shopping app is installed on your phone, you and your son can start exploring it together. Click on the section titled ‘Kids’ and open it. Let him see the page that shows different options in clothing.

Kids’ online shopping is easy if you have a clear idea of what to look for. At this point, you have to decide if you’re going to go the ethnic route or the Western wear one. If it’s a wedding reception, he can do both. But if it’s his best friend’s birthday party and there is no official theme or dress code, he might want to dress more casually.

Show him his options. Explain the occasion and why a certain kind of clothing is essential for it. When buying ethnic wear, scroll through different options for kurtas on the kids’ online shopping app – but keep him involved. Let him hold the phone and scroll through till he finds a colour and pattern that he likes. Then you can look at its details together, pick out a suitable size and set the order aside in your shopping bag.

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