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Shopping Tips for Chocolate Enthusiasts

These days, a lot of people see dark chocolate as a superfood.  Organic dark chocolate is full of nutrition. People eat chocolates for various reasons. It is a must to consume the right type of chocolate because a number of them are filled with artificial ingredients and sugar. Many chocolate enthusiasts suggest avoiding Dutch chocolate because it’s treated with an alkalizing agent in order to change its color. While it offers a milder taste, it destroys the majority of the healthy polyphenols in the chocolate.

Studies have shown the ability of chocolate to reduce blood pressure, fight Alzheimer’s diseases and prevent heart disease. If you are looking to shop for chocolates, the tips below can help you make the right choice.

Know that Bitter is Better with Chocs

Although dark chocolates are not regulated by government agencies, they still come with some known benefits. Make sure that you look for chocolate which is at least 70% cacao to get a real dark chocolate. Know that real dark chocolate has high amounts of antioxidants. The more benefits you can get from your dark chocolate, the less guilty you feel.

Go for One with Simple Ingredients

Cocoa butter, cocoa beans, sugar and vanilla make up the best chocolate. A number of chocolate products have a lot of unnecessary ingredients such as genetically-modified ingredients, food dyes and artificial sweeteners. You will want to go for ingredients that will keep everyone in your family health. To have an idea of the best options available these days, visit lamontagnechocolate.com.

Get the Wrapped Ones

Chocolate has been said to have benefits to health. However, overindulging in it can result in adverse side effects. Purchase individually-wrapped chocolate to avoid overindulgence.  The best way to get chocs into your life and get the most benefits is to consume just a square or two every day. Eating just a hundred calories of a dark chocolate bar promotes health and satisfies your cravings.

Stay Away from Alkalized or Dutched

The terms “dutched” and “alkalized” mean processes which get rid of health antioxidants in the chocolate. A number of studies have revealed that natural chocolate had nine times more antioxidants than the processed ones.

Appreciate the Fruits

A lot of chocolate products have dried nuts or fruits. Experts say that they offer an additional nutritional and fiber boost which serves as a bonus benefits apart from the benefits chocolates already have.

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