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What Is The Best Window Dressing For My Contemporary Home?

Contemporary home owners are smart, and therefore, they don’t just settle for a nice looking house. Instead of just focusing on the interior theme and design, they have other objectives, not limited to functionality, energy efficiency, and resale value. As far as window treatments are concerned, you have to consider most of these things. In this post, we will talk about the practical and effective window treatments for contemporary homes.

Go for finishes

Many people don’t like curtains, especially for homes with a minimalistic design. If that’s the case, window finishes are a great option in budget. You can replace the regular window glass with stained glass, frosted glass or even adhesive-based films, as long as these work well with the interior theme. Window finishes are cheap and effective, if privacy and light control are your primary objectives.

Add shutters

Window shutters are probably the most practical solution to most window issues, such as lack of light control and heat loss. Shutters work like extra insulation and prevent both heat gain and heat loss, and thereby, you can expect to reduce your energy bills. Also, shutters are great for controlling the privacy of your house, especially if you have extra large windows. In the summers, you can adjust these shutters to control the sunlight. You can visit the cagey house blog for more intresting reads about shutters.

Opt for window shades

Windows shades are now available in a number of designs and styles, depending on what you want to spend. Almost with zero maintenance, you can expect these shades to last for years. There are options that help in filtering UV rays, as well. Window shades complement most interior themes, and the installation process is fairly easy too. However, shades must be installed by professionals, so look around for professional services.

Curtains and blinds on budget

If you want to dress your windows in less than fifty dollars, nothing works better than curtains. Heavy curtains can control light considerably, and you can expect some amount of insulation, as well. On the flip side, curtains must be washed and maintained, which can be a major task every other month, and after a point, you have to consider replacement. Blinds, on the contrary, are expensive than curtains but work better for certain rooms where you need a little more light control. Unlike shutters, blinds don’t last for years, which is the only downside.

Plants for the windows

In case you are looking for something unconventional, you can add a few plants to the windows for that ultimate natural feel. Plants can help in maintaining the indoor air quality and for homes with simpler designs, this works as a better alternative to curtains and blinds. Please note that the window rims need to be broad enough to accommodate the potted plants, so take the measurements before taking a call.

Check online now to find a few designs and themes that use varied window dressings, and before taking the final call, consider cost, functionality and durability.


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