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Your Simplified Guide For Selecting A Reliable Hair Straightener

Straight, frizz-free, and shiny hair is every girl’s dream, and you don’t need a lot of tools for that. Just a good flat iron is more than enough. Also called hair straighteners, flat irons do a simple job – straighten your hair. If you wish to change your look, you should consider buying one. In this post, we have listed the things you need to consider for finding the best hair straightener!

  • Start with your budget. If you are low on budget, a basic ceramic straightener is enough, but do note that cheap flat irons can damage your hair considerably, more so when you are not using products for heat protection.
  • Consider your hair. For ladies who have coarse and dry hair, they need a flat iron that’s more versatile and has a wide range of features. Higher temperatures are also required for thick and coarse hair. For thin hair, most straighteners are more than enough.

  • Know the options. Ceramic variants, as said earlier, are cheaper, but these don’t retain heat for a longer time, so you may need heavy ceramic ones or tourmaline flat irons. The latter is known to be great for all kinds of hair, and if you wish to spend more, you can go for titanium plates too.
  • Consider your needs. Do you travel too frequently? If yes, you need to get a cordless variant, which is much more useful. Also, you may want to get a model with a display, especially when you want to have precise control on the temperature settings.
  • Get a good brand. Well, brands matter, as far as straightening irons are concerned. You need a brand that you can rely on, because you won’t be replacing your flat iron every year. Pick up something that’s meant to last.

  • Warranties matter. Well, if a flat iron comes with a warranty of one year or more, it’s always an added blessing. Of course, these things can vary, but it is wise to check this aspect in advance, so that you are assured of repairs, if required.
  • Finally, do consider the features and other aspects. What kind of heating temperatures do you need? Do you need an ionic straightener, which helps in adding that extra shine? Do you need additional settings for straightening towel dried hair?

Check these aspects, and if possible, always use a heat protecting spray, which will help in reducing damage to the strands.

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