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4 Things to Look Out For Before Buying a Leather Bag

What do customers look out for when it comes to buying a leather bag? Elegance, sophistication, and refined. Many a times, they are deemed to be the great icebreakers when it comes to professional or networking events. But, have you ever considered that are all the leather bags created equal. The answer is no. Usually, people spend a fortune on a leather bag and after a few months, the leather begins to crack, the stitching comes off, the hardware begins to rust and so many other defects. These are the things you should look out for, before buying a leather bag.

  1. Type of leather used.

Similarly, when you are buying shoes or leather jackets, you want to own a leather bag that is fabricated from a full grain leather. It is a top-quality leather and even looks fantastic. It is durable and long-lasting too. The top quality leather emits a weathered and sheeny look. It develops an appealing patina. The higher the quality of the leather, the better the patina. Do not buy bags that are made of bonded leather. These are actually made from scrap pieces of leather which have been reworked with the help of chemicals and plastics into a second-rate version of leather.

  1. Tanning process

The leathers used for making bags and cases aren’t fabricated the same way. You need to understand the difference between the two major tanning processes—chrome and vegetable tanning. The former process involves chromium and other strong chemicals. It is completed in a couple of days, hence they are always cheap. It is fabricated in an eco-friendly way. It uses natural materials that are used in the process like tree bark. You should always go for the vegetable tanned leather, as the process takes long, and it produces a durable leather product.

  1. Country of Origin and Making

Sometimes, the origin of leather also helps in ascertaining the quality of leather. As the legends and the history say, Italy, England, France, and the US have a good track record of tanning the leather efficiently. But look out for the labels too. If you are looking for shopping wholesale leather handbags, there are many fake brand labels that entices you to buy a cheap product at a huge price.

  1. Durability and Handwork

Look out for two aspects: leather quality and precise stitching. A perfect leather handbag should be capable holding a certain weight without losing its strength at all. The stitching on the bag should be straight as well, should be barely noticeable with no loose threads at all. Also, check the inner and outer surface for its consistency.

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