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Baldheads: Finding the Best Razor for Shaving Needs

Shavers must have a comfortable grip in a user’s hand because it will be tilted in the most awkward positions to reach the rough edges and the crown of your head. Most electric shavers featuring an ergonomic grip and handle design that makes it easy for a user to grip it tightly, allowing the ability to save time for shaving.

Testing products first to determine the best electric razor for shaving head is highly advisable.

The coverage area and cutting power are essential factors to consider in order to avoid missing a spot. Additionally, having a larger coverage area within the shaver heads are is recommended. Rotary shavers with multiple shaver heads will provide the largest coverage area making it a lot more time efficient. Aside from the area of coverage, the cutting power is also a huge factor upon deciding which is the best electric razor for shaving head.

The ability to trim hair without pulling them from the roots helps prevent awkward bumps and cuts. However, the cutting power and fast motor does not have a life time warranty and is in need of proper maintenance to have it working for a long time.

Foil Shavers

Foil shavers are characterized with a series of blades that are covered with a foil or a mesh cover. These covers prevent the blades from cutting or nicking skin. These kinds of razors were the first electric shavers. Nowadays, these are still a popular option for both face and head shavers most suitable for men who need to shave every couple of days.

The advantage of foil shavers is that, it can effectively avoid minor shaving injuries, but it doesn’t take the natural contour of the head unlike rotary shavers.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary shavers have circular blades rotating independently of each other. Usually having 3 to 5 rotating heads, these shavers offer a more comfortable shave and larger coverage area and often used for everyday shaving.

Unlike foil shavers which are renowned for a gentle shave; rotary shavers can be more irritating for those with sensitive skin.

Newer models have adjustable settings to tailor fit the need of the user.

Face and Head Shavers

Versatile electric shavers are perfect for trimming both facial and head hair. Using this product, you will not have to worry about maintaining a separate razor for your head and face.

This may save time, costs and energy in maintaining them, but they do not have a large coverage area and may not be that comfortable to use in shaving heads.


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