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Do you know the Best Natural Insect Repellents?

Individuals annoying flying insects are perhaps the worst area of the warm summer several weeks. Summer is often the most anticipated of all of the season. There is the vacations, the swimming, hiking, fishing, sports and, last and definitely least are individuals bug bites and stings. So, exactly how should we keep individuals insects away without dumping a container of toxic chemicals on the skin and, to any or all the mother and father studying this, how will you avoid spraying toxic chemical insect repellents in your kids?

It’s a very hard decision: expose ourselves to some witch’s brew of toxic chemicals or risk being bitten by nasty flying bugs that could be transporting West Earth Virus and, let us remember individuals ticks which carry Lyme disease and you never know what else. Whether or not the insects aren’t transporting a deadly virus like West Earth or Lyme disease nobody wants to experience itchy bug bites all summer.

So, do you know the natural options to chemical insect repellents?

You’ve already made the decision that toxic chemicals might be much more comfortable than itchy bug bites however it just is not worth the health risks, and also you certainly don’t wish to endure individuals bug bites all summer. Well, there are several natural options to toxic insect repellents that actually work just in addition to their chemical cousins.

Lots of people use essential oils to advertise relaxation as well as to induce meditative states or, only to give a wonderful scent to your rooms. The next essential oils have highly effective as natural insect repellents:

Lemon – may irritate skin if undiluted




Cedar plank

Rosemary oil


Myrrh – additionally a effective antimicrobial


Use 1/4 teaspoon associated with a one, or a mix of several (ie. 1/8 teaspoon. lemon 1/8 teaspoon. Myrrh) of those essential oils combined with roughly 2 ounces of 190 proof grain alcohol (offered at any liquor store) to create a highly effective insect repellent. Water may also be used as an alternative for that alcohol although it might not be as effective. Mix the oils and also the alcohol/water inside a 2 ounce amber glass bottle having a sprayer and shake intensely before spraying the mix on uncovered skin and/or clothing.

Test out the oils to locate a combination that you want and don’t forget to check it on the small section of skin before spraying it on bigger areas.

Where do you turn if you have been bitten or stung? I have tried personally pure, undiluted eucalyptus oil on bites to alleviate itching. Eucalyptus is another strong antimicrobial which can be made available to your skin to kill any nasty pathogens that might have been transported through the insect. Another effective remedy is plantain, which is a type of “weed” that grows on lawns as well as on pavement cracks and along driveways. Crush the new plantain leaves and rub the crushed leaves on the bite.

Though you may be very much aware of the benefits of the lyme disease essential oils you may be wondering where to buy them. You definitely could get them at a reasonable price from online stores.

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