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Double the Savings Ahead of Time

If you’ve ever been stopped in your tracks by a lovely floral display with big showy ranunculus, hydrangea or calla lilies that graced a smartly dressed store window, you know that artificial flowers can set the mood and provide beauty and style as well as any fresh-cut flowers in nature.  But you might not know where to obtain them, or how to save money on them.  Fortunately, there’s an app to solve both problems, and that’s the one-two combination of Balsam Hill and Groupon.  For decades Balsam Hill has been the go-to provider of realistic artificial plants and flowers used for photo shoots, presentations, outdoor or indoor decorations and special holidays – including weddings.

They are a welcomed addition to homes where allergies or other conditions might prevent the display of live plants and flowers.  They add the lasting beauty you can’t buy with fresh cut buds and blooms, yet provide the needed accent to accessorize the smallest space or largest enclosure.  Many a bride has walked down the aisle of a church or barn decorated with flowers from Balsam Hill.  And if the ceremony is seaside, or in hot or humid weather, she can be sure her floral arrangements will look just as appealing when they come from Balsam Hill as they would if they were fresh.

Take advantage of the mid-year savings offered now through Groupon and have your holiday decorations secured long before the holiday rush begins.  You can save 50% off their mid-season clear-away items, 40% off their harvest savings event and unlock codes for special deals using your smart phone.  There’s nothing unusual about shopping for Christmas in the summertime.  Not when you can save hundreds of dollars on an heirloom tree from Balsam Hill.  Their realistic looking trees are available fully trimmed and ready to grace your grand entrance, lobby, or sound stage when the time comes.  And with the 10-year warranty offered, you can enjoy them for a long time.  So take a moment from the summertime fun and project yourself into the holiday season.  For every place you envision needing a floral centerpiece, wreath or tree, you can save on buying them right now with the one-two combination of Groupon and Balsam Hill.

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