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Four Awesome Ways to Give a Meaningful Gift

Gift giving during the holiday season can feel a bit empty when you have to make last-minute choices and wrapping because of long queues at the mall and your never-ending list. However, there are actually ways to make the gift-giving process a bit more fulfilling.  Giving a handmade gift like a rose in glass dome or a store-bought gift should be about making your recipient happy and yourself satisfied.

Here are tips that can help you make the process more meaningful for you and your recipient:

Tailor the Gift to the Recipient

When planning to give someone a gift, get to know the person. This allows you to cater the gift to them. If you really know the person, you should know what their interests and passions are. If you want to give meaningful gifts, you want to buy ones that are unique for every recipient. Also, take into account practicality. You will want to give something that your recipient can use. Also, consider giving something the recipient will want to get.

Consider Giving Handmade or Hand-Me-Down Items

Meaningful gift-giving is not always about new and store-bought items. Homemade items are more meaningful than mass-produced items. They make your recipients special and feel cared for. Also, you can give family heirlooms as a gift. Families that hand down assets through generations give more emphasis to the assets’ symbolic value over their numerical value.

Give to Charity in Someone’s Name

Being able to give gifts to somebody or to charity can make you feel fulfilled and happy. As you give more, you feel happier which tend to boost if you give in a way which fosters social connection. This means that it may make you feel happier if you give in a personalized way through a relative or friend, instead of anonymously. Thus, think about giving to charity in somebody’s name.

Offer Experiences

A gift of experience is usually the best option of you your recipient seems to have everything. Those who get experiential gifts like club membership or concert tickets tend do feel more connected to those who give them the gift than those who receive material gifts. You and your recipient don’t have to share the experience to build this connection. Experiential gifts are especially ideal for children. Kids who get this kind of gifts will have positive memories which last longer than simple material things. If you really want to give a meaningful gift to someone dear to you, the best that you could do is to give them your time.

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