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Four Tips in Choosing the Best Flat Iron for You

Women with long hair will often desire to have glossy, straight tresses and they try to do everything they can to achieve this. Before the introduction of flat irons, women had to do it the traditional way using an ironing board and a clothing iron. But, those days are gone. And people now can straighten their hair at home using a more functional and reliable tool. However, because of the many varieties available out there, you might need some tips in picking the right one for you.

Choose the Right Temperature for your Hair Type

Various hair types and thickness must be styled at various temperatures in order to mitigate long-term damage. Therefore, if your hair is too thick or curly, you have to use an iron that is set between 340 and 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. For medium-straight hair, 340 to 360 degrees will suffice. And think and fine hair will be fine with above 350 degrees. Because of the variation, you should be getting a flat iron that has adjustable heat settings.

Consider the Size of the Plate

Many people say that longer hair requires wider iron plates. However, unless you are planning to have that long hair for some time, you can go for the average one-inch plates. This is because plates that are made out of quality materials can do the job quite quickly, no matter how long your hair is. And plates that are thin let you get closer to the roots to make straightening even for the entire hair.

Think about the Materials Used to Cancel Out Ions

In terms of hair, positive ions on the tresses will add up to the hair damage, frizz and dryness. Conventional plastic and aluminum heat elements and plates are contributors to the positive ions which cause such damage. However, some elements like tourmaline, ceramic and titatium can cancel out ions. Ions make a huge difference in the time required to iron the hair and the locks’ shininess after finishing the job. Find the best flat iron at http://besthairflatirons.com/.

Be Careful

Whenever you see the words infrared and nano, be careful. As nano means tiny, when an iron has nano ceramic technology, it has tiny ceramic particles involved. This is not a good thing because ideally, you want more of the materials cited above. Also, an infrared iron means it has ceramic that may be available at low levels.


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