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Kinds of Dior Lipstick That Express You Should

Dior lipstick belongs to a higher fashion signature brand. Dior products vary from clothing lines, fragrances, skincare and makeups. Together with Dior lipstick, additionally they offer lip balm, lipsticks and lip liners.

Lipstick is among the cosmetic classics that nearly every lady must have within their beauty package. Certain women put on distinct kinds of lipstick based on their daily mood, their method of existence, and also the message they would like to convey. Yes, lipstick can express the interior type of women.

Dior lipstick has four types of lipstick products. Listed here are the facts for every product type:

Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge (luminous color lip treatment with SPF 20)

Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge has 10 more occasions the concentration of your skin component known as octixonate, which is often used for lip balms and certain sunscreens to soak up Ultra violet A and Ultra violet B in the sun’s sun rays. It’s SPF 20, a strength which aims to safeguard your lips from the sun-damage you may have from over contact with daylight. As it is serum naturally, Serum de Rouge also gives natural moisture towards the lips.

Serum de Rouge can also be full of 100 % natural ingredients like mango butter that can help to boost the microcirculation and bovine collagen from the lips, giving a larger, pouty outcome.

It’s 26 shades to select from that melt to your lips and provide vibrant color by improving the natural colour of your lips. For ladies who consider wellness advantage for his or her lipstick, this Dior lipstick can answer your requirement for a wholesome cosmetic.

Rogue Dior

The development of Rouge Dior lipstick is inspired through the Dior High Fashion collection. It has hyaluronic acidity microspheres which behave as sponges that absorb natural moisture inside your lips and provide fully defined lips.

Rouge Dior lipstick is available in 41 shades which are feminine and stylish in selection of lip color that improves the innate richness of the lips.

Dior Addict

The Dior Addict lipstick collection has switched 3 evolutions when it comes to its look and formulation. Dior Addict 2011 may be the latest update and it was produced by John Galliano to help intensify the hyperlink between Dior and it is “addicts” for his or her enthusiasm for beauty. It’s 56 shades within the collection the biggest color set one of the Dior lipsticks.

A Dior Addict lipstick has 25% less wax and possesses a brand new formula known as Mirror Jelly made from silicone oil and polymers. These components soften and provide hydration towards the lips upon application. Additionally they give a second skin outcome that enables the sunshine to mirror in your lips, magnifying a glass effect.

Right out the runway, the Dior Addict lipstick collection gives your lips the catwalk effect by providing vibrant shine, glowing color and superb transparency. It melts to your lips when applied and also the colors keep going longer.

A Dior Addict lipstick gives an legendary feeling that’s, indeed, addicting.


Diorific embodies the classic options that come with a lipstick, which may be worn every day. It’s 16 shades that provide color towards the lips and keep nourishment.

If you’re someone who would like to accept the subtle effect yet receive top quality advantages of your lipstick, Diorific addresses your requirements.

All these Dior lipstick types can easily express a ladies character simply by putting on it. Using these intricate collections, lipstick goes past your average makeup accessory and becomes a manifestation of the individuality.

Try Dior Lipstick, the new-generation lacquer stick by Dior, as easy to apply as it is to wear -A stick with a “lip fondant” effect that liberates all the color and shine of a lacquer, plus the comfort of a balm, with six hours of wear and unrivalled texture.

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