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Vinyl Flooring Is Different Today

When people think of vinyl flooring or the floor coverings of the past, they often think of their grandmothers’ vinyl. This type of flooring had a linoleum look that was not pleasant to view. It simply did not have the same appearance as today’s vinyl flooring options.

Indeed, vinyl flooring has changed in a big way that makes it highly desired by homeowners and businesses. Not only does the floor replicate the look of more expensive materials such as stone or wood but it can also be easily placed in a kitchen or a bathroom.

That is because vinyl plank flooring or vinyl tiles are resistant to moisture. Therefore, you can place them in places that are more prone to humid conditions with success. You cannot make this same statement for floors that are made of laminates or wood. Wood can expand and contract and therefore can warp. Vinyl, on the other hand, is resilient to this type of problem.

A Superior Flooring Product

Unlike wood, too, you do not have to worry about damage from termites or other wood-related problems. Vinyl, in and of itself, is a superior product that resembles more expensive materials but still is easier to maintain. When choosing a vinyl floor, you can select from the above-mentioned plank flooring, tiles, or sheets of vinyl as well. If you do choose the sheets, they usually come in one of two sizes. Tiles as well normally come in one of two different sizes.

The sheet flooring is more resistant to water than the tiles and is easier, as you might imagine, to install. It takes less time to install a vinyl floor when it is laid down as a sheet. However, that being said, it is important to make sure that the floor is laid upon an extremely smooth surface. Therefore, it may pay to have the floor professionally installed.

Preparing the Substrate

Preparing a substrate for a vinyl floor may become involved. If you have any flaws or imperfections beneath a vinyl covering, they will show. These defects may appear as indentations or bumps in the floor. Therefore, the best substrate is a floor that is made of plywood that has been well sanded.

Most floor manufacturers do not advise that vinyl be applied over more than a layer of existing vinyl. You cannot guarantee the floor if it is laid on more than one layer. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind when considering installation.

The floor can be laid on top of concrete. However, again, make sure that the concrete is smooth and uniform to avoid difficulties. Once you have the floor laid, you will find that it will serve you well in terms of both longevity and maintenance.

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