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What are the Types of Water Bottles Available in the Market?

A water bottle is a vessel or a container that helps in holding water, liquids or other beverages which are meant for consumption. The water bottles allow the consumer to drink and transport a beverage from one place to another. Following are the types of water bottles available in the market.

  1. Single-use plastic water bottles

As the name suggests, single-use plastic water bottles are meant for one-time use only. Excessive use of single-use plastic water bottles can be hazardous to health. Multi-use water bottles are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), copolyester or polypropylene. Both the bottles can be strong depending upon what kind of material it is made from. They are light in weight and dishwasher safe. Some plastic water bottles are also BPA free, so look out for the same while purchasing one.

  1. Metal Water Bottles

Metal water bottles are gradually gaining more popularity. They are made from stainless steel or aluminum. They are durable in nature, they also emit minimal odor or taste from its contents. Aluminum bottles consist of a plastic resin or an epoxy liner to seal the contents from foul taste and odor transfer. Nowadays, many liners are BPA free, older and pocket-friendly models, on the other hand, may contain BPA.

It is not advisable to fill aluminum bottles with acidic liquids, so as to prevent the leaching into the contents of the bottle. Stainless steel bottles, on the other hand, do not have a liner but they are prone to transfer metallic taste and odor to the contents. However, bottles made with food grade stainless steel also known as grade 304 or 18/8, they do not transfer any taste or odor. So, look out for the grade before making a purchase. You can buy a Double Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle here. It is entirely dependent upon the source materials and manufacturing process adopted behind the making of a stainless steel bottle—trace amounts of minerals can leach into the contents of the bottle.

Metal water bottles are quite heavier than plastic water bottles, they also transfer the temperature of the contents of the bottle to the external environments, which makes them useless. Double layered stainless steel bottles are insulated so as to keep cold liquids cold, and hot liquids hot, without impacting the temperature of the external surface. As the double layered bottles contain more stainless steel, they are deemed to be expensive. You can purchase an 18oz or 32oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Life Flask Thermos here.

  1. Glass water bottles

They are a popular choice as they are BPA free, totally recyclable and doesn’t transfer any taste or odor in its contents. They are heavier than plastic, but they are prone to easily break when fallen.

  1. Themed water bottles

There are a few water bottles that seem like something, hence appealing to various consumers. Example, some bottles look like a Scuba tank and they are used by scuba divers.

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